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Five Tips For Happiness

While in a delightful store called Frivolous at the Minneapolis airport, I came across this short quote which is so true. Here are five more "Happy Tips" (as I call them) that resonated with me. that I would like to share....

1. Make a conscious effort to think positively throughout the day. It will increase your happiness quotient, which will also help you ignore negative comments and dramatics.

2. Turn up the volume on tunes that make you feel happy, bring back good memories or make you want to move to the music. It will make you feel better. Love doing this.!

3. Do something nice for someone. When you do, you feel good about yourself and the other person and that makes you both happy.

4. Allow yourself to be silly or more child-like. Hop on a swing, color a picture, jump rope, or something else you did in childhood. If possible, do these things with a close friend or a child in your life to share the happiness.

5. Say thank you to someone for something they did. Everyone wants to be appreciated but people often neglect to acknowledge others' efforts. Make someone feel happy and your own happiness level will increase in the process..

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