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What things (people, events) in your life make you feel good and which make you feel bad?  In it are 21 Journaling Sections to help answer that question, and express the feelings and emotions we all have at some time such as Grateful, Love, Excited or Angry, Stressed, Bored and many more.  Our feelings and emotions Shape Our Day - Shape

Our World!




How Are You Feeling Today?  is an interactive Self-Discovery Journal in which you can answer that question.




Each of the 21 Sections is designated by a coloring page - a great stress reliever and fun, artistic outlet.  However, you don't have to color - this is your journal - you can just enjoy the pictures. But for those of you who are colorists, I'm sure you'll be quite pleased with the varied designs I've created for this book.

Write down your Happy feelings to be able to look back

and remember those positive moments.  Journal to release Negative feelings and emotions in a positive way.  Also included are blank sections to make your journal even more personal.

Each section also has a relevant inspirational quote, and a colorful bird named "Emo" who has little tips and prompts along your self-discovery journey.  This journal would be an especially thoughtful gift for all ages including teens.


For me, as an artist, I loved creating this unique kind of journal/coloring book, but my purpose is to give you a tool to become better in touch with your feelings which ultimately will lead to a greater degree of peace and happiness in your  life.

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Journaling Reminders

Helps You Remember To Journal

Combine With Book For a Unique Gift Set

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Ordering Info

How Are You Feeling Today? book can be ordered directly from Amazon - click on the link to be taken directly to the order page.            

                      BOOK LINK-

The Journaling Reminders can also be ordered through Amazon.  Just click the book link above and search

How Are You Feeling Today? with the specific item you wish to order - Mug, Pillowcase, etc.


EXAMPLE:  Search - How Are You Feeling Today?  Mug

It's Going To Be


Really Good Day!

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